Soothing the Nerves, Lengthening the Fuse

By Naturopath Diane Pascoe

Trouble sleeping?

Flying off the handle at the slightest trigger?

Exhausted even at the IDEA of doing a task?

Self medicating with food and/or alcohol?

Generalised feeling of anxiety?


A Naturopathic, holistic and individualised approach to calming the nervous system is safe and effective, especially when prescribed by a qualified practitioner.
General advice such as using exercise, morning exposure to sunlight, yin yoga, running your hands through beach sand or garden soil (while gardening) or just going for a walk without shoes is a good start. Meditation and eating complex carbohydrates at night are useful too.
It can be necessary to use powerful, natural remedies to counteract the tension and stress that is bubbling away below the surface in most people at this time. Some examples of Naturopathic remedies that could possibly be considered, in your tailored treatment plan are:
  • formulas containing magnesium, B vitamins and an alkalising component
  • the herb Withania: for those who feel simultaneously exhausted yet wound up; this herb blended with others, helps to down-regulate high levels of cortisol
  • Nervine herbs: Kava, ingestable Lavender, hormone regulating herbs and N Acetyl Cysteine; these specifically help support your nervous system

Want to find out more?

With Naturopath consults available either face to face or over the phone, Diane is ready to help you feel better and soothe that nervous system of yours –  especially in times like these.  Your unique bio-individuality is always considered prior to any recommendations or prescriptions, in a tailored treatment plan.


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