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Spring 2013 | Digestive Wellness

Digestive Wellness Constipation is a common issue. Our Osteopath Bob De Maio and Naturopath Renae Trivic look at the bigger picture, and provide some information and advice on how to optimise your digestive wellness. The Naturopath’s Perspective Individuals suffering from chronic constipation may have a range of symptoms, from large bowel pain to rectal discomfort, abdominal…

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Spring 2013 | Vital Protein Muesli Bar Recipe

Vital Protein Muesli Bar Recipe Boost your protein intake with this delicious recipe! Healthy, tasty, and simple to make, these bars are the perfect snack for when you’re on the go! Vital Protein powder is smooth and mixes easily into any recipe, and helps to boost your protein intake. It is natural, alkaline, and contains…

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