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ANF Therapy in Perth

ANF Therapy utilises wearable discs that hold electrical charges of certain frequencies for whole body health.

ANF Therapy in Perth

Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy is now offered at West Perth Osteopathy in conjunction with Osteopathic treatment.

ANF Therapy has been developed after many years of research into the body’s electrical frequencies by Swedish academic Dr Mikel Hoff. It utilises wearable discs containing carbonised metal (developed by NASA) that hold electrical charges of certain frequencies.

How does ANF Therapy work?

ANF Therapy involves the use of a combination of frequency-emitting wearable discs.

There are currently over 180 different discs, each with their own unique frequency and function. 

An ANF disc - image via ANFtherapy.com
An ANF disc - image via ANFtherapy.com

By combining the different discs, we can normalise and optimise bodily functions, including the nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatic system, as well as increase biochemical and hormonal production.

Activated by the heat of the body, and active for 72 hours while worn, the discs release the electrical frequencies stored in carbonised metal. Their frequencies are already implicit in the body; the discs simply amplify them. Thus, the body’s functions are normalised and strengthened.

The frequencies within the ANF discs stimulate neurons: frequencies are copied from neuron to neuron, to the central nervous system. The brain is then able to send the correct nerve signals to the glands, organs and muscles to self-repair and improve function.

What can I expect from an ANF Therapy treatment?

During the first consultation, a thorough history of the patient’s health is undertaken. If it is determined that ANF therapy will be useful, the nervous and lymphatic systems and muscles and joints will be examined. Once the cause of your problem or pain is determined, a tailor-made treatment plan, which combines the use of different ANF discs, will be prepared.

If you are receptive to the frequency, your body will respond within 1 to 20 minutes after applying the treatment. As your issue is addressed, you will experience less discomfort, less pain, and greater wellbeing.

For more information, please visit www.ANFtherapy.com.

West Perth Osteopathy Team

Ray Power

Ray completed his studies in Osteopathy at Victoria University, Melbourne, before graduating in 2004. Ray is one of two ANF therapists practicing within the Perth metro area, and utilises ANF therapy in conjunction with Osteopathic treatment. 

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