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Naturopathy for whole body health.

We aim to alleviate your current health issues, address the underlying causes, and support
your ongoing wellness by using a preventative, holistic, and evidence-based approach.

Dip. Applied Science (Naturopathy)
Dip. Herbal Medicine
Dip. Homeopathy

Holistic and Evidence-Based

Her focus is on treating the person as a whole by looking at, and addressing, the underlying cause to health conditions, while still alleviating the symptoms. She has a holistic and evidence-based approach to treatment, combining clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, dietary modifications, and lifestyle advice to provide an individual treatment plan.

Her areas of experience include:

  • Weight loss
  • Allergies and immune conditions
  • Clinical detoxification & rebooting the body
  • Digestive disorders
  • Skin complaints
  • Women's health
  • Pain and inflammatory conditions

Diane is registered with the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

Years ago, Diane found herself terribly ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. While other treatments failed, she found herself on the best path toward health with the help of natural methods under the guidance of a Naturopath. Ever since, she knew she'd like to pursue the same career that changed her life for the better.

In 1992, Diane graduated from Perth Academy of Natural Therapies. Diane holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Naturopathy, including a diploma of Nutrition and Herbalism. At West Perth Osteopathy, she finds the most fulfilling aspect to be the ability to empower people with their health by providing them with the right tools and strategies necessary for lifelong wellness.

Diane treats anyone from children to the elderly with a special interest in assisting people with weight management, fatigue, digestive complaints, children's issues and disease prevention of the ageing body. She works closely with other health professionals where indicated to optimise treatment to ensure better outcomes for the patient.

Outside of the Practice

When she isn't helping patients at West Perth Osteopathy, Diane enjoys exercising and exploring the outdoors, running on the beach and catching up with friends. She has two children in high school who are involved in many activities. Diane currently sponsors a cycling team called "West Coast Rouleurs" and is a member of AchievFit, an outdoor-group fitness training facility. Get to know more about Diane when you book your next visit with us.

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