Are you starving your microbiome? 

Our Naturopath Diane explains how poor microbiome integrity presents

and how you can find answers with the new microbiome test available now…

You may recall Diane’s vlog from last year, when the excitement of a new microbiome test hit our shores! After attending courses in Perth to further develop her knowledge and skills in gut health, Diane has since been able to recommend and utilise the test with suitable clients here at West Perth Osteopathy. Read on to find out more…


What can cause your microbiome to starve?

Your gut flora needs a large variety of healthy foods in order to be nourished, which in turn keeps your body healthy. The impact of poor microbiome integrity is far reaching. It can effect inflammation, metabolism, cause irritable bowel, and also affect the body’s ability to detoxify and absorb nutrients.

Some diets that people follow to try and be healthier, can backfire and leave the gut microbiome deprived.

Examples of diets that could have this effect are:

  • Long term strict FODMAPs
  • Long term Ketogenic diet or Intermittent fasting
  • High junk food intake
  • Lack of fibre
  • Lack of good fats (unsaturated)
  • Minimal diet diversity (eating the same food)


What is the Microbiome test?

The test results show a complete analysis of the many types of pathogens present, as well as your levels of beneficial bacteria. It is a great indicator of whether or not you are STARVING your microbiome. The results are categorised into each of the body’s different systems, giving you an overall percentage ‘rating’ to simplify the data that can include lengthy words such as, Bifidobacterium bifidum. This test can also determine if your diet is lacking fiber, or contains too much protein and saturated fats.


Along with Diane’s expertise, the test can be very useful when treating gut problems and overall health, including fatigue and inflammation. Diane has found the test is impressive as far as, what is revealed and most importantly, how much her and her client can do with the results, to correct the presenting health issues. The treatment plan has a big focus on diet – foods to reduce, habits to break and of course, foods to enjoy. 




Are you wanting to get on top of your gut health today? Microbiome testing is being incorporated more often as part of a Naturopathic health assessment at West Perth Osteopathy. For more information or to book a consult with our in-house Naturopath Diane Pascoe, book online today!