Women’s Wellness Retreat by Aspen Coaching

Back in May this year, Allison and Madeleine were asked by Emma from Aspen Coaching to speak about Osteopathy at a Women’s Wellness Retreat. A weekend full of beautiful food, movement training, yoga, meditation, and education sessions all held in the wonderful surrounds of Margaret River… who would say no?!


The weekend started on a Friday evening with delicious food and introductions of leaders for the weekend. Emma Robson from Aspen Coaching held a variety of movement training sessions over the two days. Yoga teacher Samantha Briatico guided us through yoga, meditation, and breathing classes. And health & lifestyle coach Sarah Hopkins educated us on our hormones, and how to optimise our environment by reducing stressors. Unfortunately (for Allison) Madeleine was running the HBF Run for a Reason that same weekend, and so Allison faced her fears and delivered the presentation on osteopathy to the 20 attendees alone. The key message behind the presentation was to educate women that our bodies go through many stages during life, and there are many experiences that can sometimes be passed off as “normal” or “expected”. Allison discussed dysmenorrhea (or period pain), incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction, and pregnancy, and how osteopathic treatment can assist and help you to function more optimally as a woman. aspen-womenswellness1 Allison finished off her presentation back in her comfort zone, doing what she does best – osteopathic treatment! Emma from Aspen was the obliging patient who received a demonstration treatment involving articulation, muscle energy technique, HVLA, dry needling, and electrotherapy.   If you are interested in osteopathic treatment to address the above conditions, please book an appointment with any of our qualified osteopaths to discuss osteopathic treatment and management.   Or if you are interested in attending one of Aspen’s next retreats, head over to their website or follow Aspen Coaching on Facebook.