Say Goodbye to Spring Reactivity: Take Control this Season

Say Goodbye to Spring Reactivity

…..and hello to the sunshine!

Do you suffer from that pesky hay fever, sinusitis or dermatitis during Spring?!

Well our Naturopath Diane is here to let you know- it does not have to be that way. Find out how Naturopathy can help prevent and manage your reactivity and allow you to enjoy the beauty of spring!


We are already in the wonderful spring weather pattern, with sunnier skies and brighter fields ahead! Times such as these, with easterlies causing high levels of grasses and dust to fill the air, drastically increase the pollen count- a trigger for many individuals that suffer during Spring. These warmer changes are a nice reminder to start discovering or implementing your Hay Fever protocol.


Natural approaches can help with many types of reactivity such as hay fever, sinusitis, dermatitis and respiratory irritation.  The aim is to calm down particular immune system pathways to eliminate symptoms and ease you into Spring. One size does not fit all and it’s my job to prescribe the most appropriate treatment, individualised especially for you.  There are a number of options and constantly improved formulas becoming available to help support your immune system and reduce reactivity. One of these approaches includes focusing on the gut microbiome, with particular probiotic strains and a certain prebiotic formula that work very well by promoting particular bacteria to calm down the immune system.


Once your best suited protocol has been determined in your consult with me, it can implemented each year so you can ENJOY- yes, you read that right–  the spring air.


– Diane Pascoe

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