Myth-Busting Low Back Pain 

Do you experience….

Here are 5 facts that may bust a myth or two..


  1. Age is not a cause of back pain

80% of the entire population experience low back pain – it is common however, this does not mean you should accept it. There is a widespread belief that getting older is a cause of back, research does not support this and evidence-based treatments can help at any age. It is not something you should just accept as ‘the norm’ as you age.


2. Pain flare-ups do not necessarily mean there is further injury

This is more relevant to those whose pain has not improved in 2-3 months (chronic cases). Pain is influenced by past experiences, mood, stress, anxiety, and changes in the sensitivity of your neural pain messengers. A flare-up does not necessarily mean you have done further damage to structures involved.


3. Scans rarely show the cause of back pain

Scans are only helpful in a minority of people with back pain. Reports can show structural changes such as disc bulges, degeneration, protrusions or arthritic changes – which all seem quite daunting. HOWEVER, studies have proven these findings can come up for people experiencing no back pain at all. Remember, structural findings on imaging cannot predict the pain you feel or outline how it can effect your ability to function.


4. Inactivity can contribute to chronicity

Studies have shown greater bed rest with low back pain, can further effect your ability to function, slows recovery, prolongs the pain experience and lengthens the time it takes to return to work or daily activities.

Avoiding aggravating movements is important in the initial few days to reduce pain, however pain-free activity should be introduced to promote recovery. Our Osteopaths can help guide you through exercises to start with, and progress to.


5. Back pain is not caused by a weak core

‘Weak core’ muscles do not cause back pain, in fact those with back pain often tense their core as a protective response. Being strong is important when you need to switch the muscles on however, being tense all the time is not helpful. Learning to relax your core muscles during everyday tasks can be helpful.


Are you experiencing back pain and need help managing it? 

Our Osteopaths and Remedial Massage therapist are here for you. Offering hands on manual therapy, with an aim to discover the cause of your discomfort, to help restore your overall well-being.

Osteopaths recognise the important link between the structure of the body and the way it operates as a whole. Our team are well-trained in a range of manual techniques to treat back pain, as well as exercise prescription and lifestyle advice to support you.


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