My Friend Lan: A Healthy Reminder

My friend Lan, and a good health story

Our Naturopath Diane shares Lan’s story.

Being a Naturopath, I am very conscious of the importance of exercise.

There is increasing scientific evidence that regular exercise plays an important role in improving bone strength, has a positive impact on the microbiome, helps prevent dementia and cancer, assists in the recovery of cancer treatment, has a beneficial effect on female hormonal disorders, and, importantly, has an enormous impact on anxiety and depression.

Di and LanWith this in mind, it has been my goal to have regular and fairly intense exercise as a part of my life.
As I work with the challenges of middle-age I am very lucky to have in my outdoor training group a very inspirational lady called Lan. I won’t mention Lan’s age, but let’s just say Lan is old enough to be my mother…and I’m 48!

Rain, hail or shine (or even minor flesh wounds!), Lan will be at training 5 days a week! There are no excuses not to turn up in Lan’s book unless it’s a holiday (which usually involves bird watching).

Lan has such a healthy and positive attitude, and appears to have found the balance of ENJOYING both exercise and wine while keeping really well, youthful and strong!