Immunity: Why it is more important now, than ever! 

Watch Naturopath, Diane Pascoe, explain why your immunity should be top priority at the moment…


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So is your immunity low?

Our Naturopath Diane Pascoe is here for you…

Supporting the immune system and keeping it as robust as possible is of great importance at this time.

Be conscious of looking after your immune system holistically, as the benefits of supplements and herbal anti-virals will be negated if you are not getting enough good quality sleep, are highly stressed and have a poor diet. All of these issues can be addressed using natural methods.

Promoting immune health can be achieved with a variety of options, some include:

• Vitamin C

• Herbs such as liquorice, echinacea and andrographis

• Probiotics and prebiotics to support diversity gut microbiome

• Mushroom extracts which can help modulate the immune system response


It is crucial to take the correct dosage, rotate remedies when required and take medication and medical conditions into account when taking natural remedies. Professional guidance is imperative, as there can be adverse reactions.

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