Fighting Fit this Flu Season

Have you or someone you know struggled to keep the bad bugs at bay so far this Winter?
Our Naturopath Diane shares her advice on how best to survive this Winter flu season!


Everyone is bracing themselves this winter against the threat of a particularly nasty flu that has hit Australia early, and many people, hard.

The Health Department has advised – and even the state Heath Minister has asked with great urgency – that the public get vaccinated against the current strains of flu as soon as possible.

Getting vaccinated against the flu is very much a personal choice. There is anecdotal evidence coming to light that even young (this includes those in their 40s) and fit people are getting knocked down by the flu, and bedridden for approximately 2 weeks! Then there are the reports in the media about children being well one day then gravely ill in hospital the next. This makes getting the flu vaccine for yourself and family something to seriously consider.

Whether you choose to get vaccinated or not, it is a very good idea to have an individualised Immune Support Protocol compiled by your Naturopath. Naturopathic remedies have proven themselves to have properties that strengthen and nourish the immune system, however it is very important that proper dosage and rotation takes place. All of this is covered by an individualised protocol. Remedies that may be recommended could include formulas, such as a herbal throat spray to knock it on the head fast. You might also be a candidate for Vitamin C and Zinc supplementation. The key to treating colds and flus is to get onto it fast, aswell as to be consistent with your treatment.

Your Immune Support Protocol takes into account your medications (as some remedies could be contraindicated), medical history, diet, sleep and other lifestyle factors.

Once armed with your protocol, you have a strong strategy in place to combat symptoms as they appear, and recover as quickly as possible.


Book your consultation with Diane today, and find out how you can survive this Winter’s flu season!