B. App.Sc(Clinical), B.Osteo.Sc

Upon completion of an honours degree in Medical Science in 2004, Louise made the inspired decision that Osteopathy was a discipline in which she would channel her desire to help others. In 2009, Louise graduated as dux of Osteopathy at RMIT University, Melbourne.

She has since worked in several busy Osteopathic clinics around Melbourne, one of which she co-owned and ran until selling in 2013 to make the life-changing decision to move to WA. Since then she has worked alongside Dr Yvan Ducat at Busselton Osteopathic clinic where she has learnt the skills of cranial treatment. During her recent travels, she has also practiced in Darwin, NT and Gymbie, QLD. 

Louise has also completed many post-graduate courses in cranial and paediatric osteopathy, both of which she is very passionate about.

Outside Of The Practice

Louise herself has a strong athletic history, having spent much of the last decade as a competitive swimmer. She is always up for a new challenge, and is currently learning German and loves to kitesurf. Louise has been on the road exploring Australia since April 2017, working here and there along the way and is back in Perth with us until the next adventure! Get to know more about Louise when you book your next visit with us.